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S&B designs and builds export terminals capable of handling all feedstocks, from NGLs to refined products and petrochemicals. For more than a decade we have developed the most streamlined integrated processes, the most refined mechanical designs, and the most advanced safety systems. Time and again, S&B has overcome challenges to deliver high-capacity terminals on time and on budget. We know from experience that there are always obstacles. And we always get the job done.

The export experts. 

S&B terminal designs have set the standard for a wide range of export industries. And our approach to construction has become the model operators count on for execution excellence.


As the number one contractor in the US for ethane terminals, S&B is setting the standard for this new export market with innovative, award-winning designs and processes. Three ethane terminals currently exist in the US, and S&B has been key to bringing them all to life, performing EPC on two and EP on the third.


S&B is one of the nation’s leading EPC companies for designing and building LPG terminals. Our extensive experience in constructing state-of-the-art facilities for handling propane and butane feedstocks gives our clients assurance that we can deliver their projects ahead of schedule and within budget.

Refined Products

In addition to our unmatched NGL terminal expertise, S&B leads the way in the engineering and construction of export facilities for a variety of refined products and petrochemicals, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and many more. Our designs incorporate all elements, including pipeline tie-ins and tanks.

The leader in terminals.

Over the past 10 years, S&B has built the most terminal capacity in the US. To date we have delivered three ethane terminals, three propane terminals and three butane terminals, as well as several revamps and expansions of existing terminals. We continue to grow these numbers.

Clients come to us because they know we will bring certainty to project costs, build the most efficient schedules, execute with excellence, optimize facility operability, and help them realize profitable production as quickly as possible.

Key Projects

The Orbit NGL Ethane Export Terminal

Orbit NGL Ethane Export Terminal

Orbit NGL/Energy Transfer

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