The founders of S&B breaking ground on their new headquarters

A history of delivering certainty.

Our company’s success has been built on our core values: Safety. Integrity. Commitment. Excellence. For 55+ years, those values have guided us when delivering world class solutions for our customers.

It all started with a handshake.

In 1967, long-time friends Jim Slaughter and Bill Brookshire invested their life savings to start an engineering firm in Houston, Texas. The founders had very different personalities, experiences and skills, but one trait they shared was unwavering integrity. This set the tone for S&B and remains our foundation today.

From that two-man operation, S&B has become a respected EPC firm consistently entrusted to deliver large-scale capital projects across an array of critical industries. We’ve come a long way since that handshake, but the spirit it sparked remains.

J.G. Slaughter Sr. and Bill Brookshire Sr. looking over a map together

J.G. Slaughter Sr. sitting behind his desk

“Let’s never do anything we’d be ashamed of.” 

— J.G. Slaughter Sr. | Founder

This has always been our guiding principle. In every detail we engineer, every asset we procure, every project component we construct, we are driven not just to deliver what we’ve promised, but to be proud of what we’ve done. 

Charging into the future.

S&B has come far since its founding. Working with our customers, investing in our people and sticking to our values has delivered us resources and a depth of expertise to take on some of the largest, most complex and challenging capital projects in the world.

Our customers’ needs continue to evolve but managing complexity and delivering with certainty are constants.  We are more than ready to deliver for you.

Chairman J.D. Slaughter holding a microphone and speaking to an audience

A skyline of a construction site

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