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Energy Transition

As companies around the world develop initiatives to move toward a lower-carbon future, S&B is helping them design and build the facilities to turn those plans into realities. For decades we have been integral to projects geared toward reducing carbon emissions, including renewable fuels made from biological feedstocks, the safe use of hydrogen as an infinitely abundant non-polluting energy, and carbon capture, utilization and storage.

Driving progress. 

S&B is deeply involved in all aspects of the energy transition. We are helping our established energy clients pursue their carbon reduction initiatives. And we’re partnering with new developers who are innovating the future. 

Renewable Fuels

Focus on renewable fuels has moved to the forefront as the world seeks ways to bring fossil fuel alternates into the energy mix. S&B is an EPC leader in critical markets such as blend-in and replacement fuels, and next-generation fuels using vegetable oils, waste plastics and other innovative feedstocks.


S&B has more than 20 years of experience engineering and constructing ethanol plants, including those using cellulosic and starch feedstocks. We work with the industry’s most innovative partners, giving them the ability to develop novel technologies and scale them up to full-size industrial facilities.


For many years, S&B has partnered with clients on traditional gray hydrogen projects. We are leveraging that experience to help usher in new technologies for both blue and green hydrogen development. S&B is involved with several green hydrogen production and liquefaction facilities from 5MW-400MW and 15-60 TPD of liquefaction, including one world-scale 100 TPD hydrogen production hub.

Carbon Capture

S&B is deeply experienced in all facets of CCUS, from pilot plants to full-scale commercialization. We’ve designed and built carbon-capture facilities for midstream and downstream, carbon utilization projects that create marketable products, carbon storage facilities in underground salt caverns and more.

Building on success.

S&B brings 20+ years of experience to the energy transition field. While most transitional technologies are new and novel, many of the facilities and processes are comparable to those used in refining and petrochemicals – industries where S&B has led the way since our founding.

Drawing from this deep experience, we have refined plant designs, created best practices and developed the specialized skill sets ideal for energy transition projects. The overwhelming momentum is toward carbon reduction. We’re helping our clients get there.

Key Projects

A 3d model of two large salt caverns used for storing gas under a hydrogen plant

Advanced Clean Energy Storage Hub

ACES Delta (Mitsubishi Power Americas / Magnum Development JV)

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