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Advanced Recycling

Every day, new technologies are being developed for converting massive volumes of waste into vital and valuable products. S&B is designing and building the facilities to bring those technologies to life. Our advanced recycling EPC expertise encompasses a wide range of waste streams, including municipal plastics, municipal solid waste, woody biomass and more.

Profit from our expertise.

The demand for meaningful and impactful recycling has given rise to vibrant, competitive markets. Technology developers have tapped into S&B’s deep bench of tenured industry experts to move their advancements forward faster and make them commercially viable at scale. 

We have engineered and constructed high-volume facilities for plastic pyrolysis, waste pyrolysis and more. Traditional downstream operators and new technology innovators alike know that while they’re working to solve complex waste problems, we’re working to solve their complex EPC challenges first.

Key Projects

A 3D model of Freepoint Eco-Systems's advanced recycling facility

240 MTPD Advanced Recycling Facility

Freepoint Eco-Systems

A pair of gloves holding recycled rubber scraps

Confidential Plastics to Chemicals Demonstration Facility


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