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When Quality Matters: Honoring The Commitment In Every Task


Keith Webb
Vice President of Quality and Process Improvement

Construction worker

There's a growing emphasis on quality assurance across various industries. Quality is one of the cornerstones of success at S&B. Ensuring excellence in every project, service, or process has become pivotal, as it elevates customer experience and sets a benchmark for industry standards. For example, at S&B, we always assess the quality of everything we undertake — a project, service, process, or even the smallest action. Is it up to the mark? Does it meet expectations? How can we enhance it further? Our focus on quality gives S&B a reputation for consistently delivering a customer experience that goes "above and beyond" because we put quality first or, as we say at S&B, “Build it Right the First Time®.” Here's why quality matters.

Excellence through quality

Striving for quality means constantly aiming for excellence. It's about aligning with client requirements, surpassing expectations, and always staying ahead of the competition. Our commitment to quality enables us to provide our customers with an exceptional experience throughout the project life cycle.

Ensuring the highest standards of quality are maintained is crucial for the successful completion of any project. We conduct quality assurance and control checks at every project phase to achieve this. To monitor the quality of work being produced or constructed on a project, we empower our employees to maintain stringent checking, interdisciplinary reviews, and auditing processes to identify and rectify issues or oversights before they become critical. These reviews help validate that the work aligns with the scope of work and specifications and aid in pinpointing any deviations from the established project standards and client expectations.

Benefits of quality

Measurable benefits that stem from our steadfast commitment to quality include the following:

  • Consistency: Ensuring quality means our services and deliverables maintain a steady standard.
  • Efficiency gains: Quality-driven processes often eliminate redundancies, leading to swifter outcomes.
  • Cost reduction: Efficient, quality processes often mean better results and lower costs.
  • Minimize rework: Quality focus reduces inefficiencies, errors and omissions, out-of-sequence work and waste.
  • Motivated workforce: A commitment to quality boosts employee morale, as they take pride in being part of a top-notch company.

Who is responsible for quality?

“Quality is everyone’s responsibility.” – W. Edwards Deming.

Quality extends beyond isolated tasks and assignments. It's an overarching philosophy that every team member must uphold, regardless of their position. Every project participant has a voice and is responsible for ensuring excellence in their contributions. It's essential to continually evaluate and refine work processes to surpass established quality benchmarks.

Instead of being confined to a particular individual or department, the commitment to quality rests on the shoulders of every team member at S&B. Every individual involved in a project must internalize and embrace their role in delivering top-notch work. We consistently strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. This demands an unwavering commitment to regularly evaluating and enhancing the operations, methodologies, technologies, and programs that are the pillars of our quality tenets to ensure we Built it Right the First Time®.



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