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The S & B Procurement Department is staffed with experienced professionals capable of providing equipment, materials, and services to both large and small projects in a timely and cost effective manner. Purchasing, Expediting, Subcontracts, and Source Inspections are the functions performed by the S & B Procurement Department. Purchases orders are placed with global suppliers that are qualified to furnish materials and equipment for the refining, petrochemical, and power industries.
S & Bís efforts to develop long term relationships with key suppliers have proven to be a significant benefit to our Clients.

S & B has qualified many subcontractors located through out the United States that can successfully perform civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, painting and insulation work on projects where direct hire personnel is not a viable option. Experienced Subcontract Managers and Subcontract Administrators facilitate all pre-award activities and monitor the subcontractorís progress in detail until the contract is completed.

The S & B Procurement System is deeply integrated with our Engineering and Bulk materials systems. The projectís work breakdown structure and cost codes are known to the Procurement System to ensure proper cost reporting on the project. The features of this system allow S & B to reduce the cycle time from the initial requisition to the final purchase order or subcontract.